Welcome to my site!

Here you will find implementation of a few number theory algorithms in Freepascal. The main aim of this site is not to be as beautiful as possible but to be clear and handy. Therefore, you won't find here gifs, flying images etc. but pure info.

bignumber.pas is now BIGGER and FATTER as it includes a few new fetures like counting Miller-Rabin's or Strassen's test. Documentation has been actualized.

Currently available:

Name of problem STATUS
greatest common divisor AVAILABLE
simple test of being prime AVAILABLE
Miller test for longints AVAILABLE
Miller test for bigger numbers AVAILABLE
bignumber unit AVAILABLE
counting Jacobi's symbol AVAILABLE
Prasolov book AVAILABLE
materials from mathematical faculty AVAILABLE
ulamki unit AVAILABLE

And one more thing: these programs are not idiot proof. They'll produce errors, when inputed what shouldn't be. So please don't write 'abc' when you're to input a number (program will produce 'WRONG INPUT', I hope) Especially have this in mind when inputing even number in Jacobi's symbol.

Maybe soon I'll add here a sample communicator server-client with implementation of a kind of a proof without knowledge. It's particularly interesting, as pure communication goes under sockets and therefore had to be written in C. However, the main programs for generating keys etc. are in PASCAL :)

And some interesting links, if you'd like.

More details about me: here.

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